Some Really Exciting News for Joanne Fink and her Zenspirations!

For those of you who don't know Joanne Fink is the founder of Zenspirations.  She has a blog site that you can check out by clicking here or by clicking her name from within the Blog Roll list on the left side of the page. Zenspirations is a new, easy-to-learn art form that combines hand-lettered inspirational or scripture text with simple drawings that have patterns around the edges or boarders. Part of the Zenspirations practice includes writing positive, encouraging and uplifting thoughts to accompany your drawings.

I was first introduced to Joanne's site by Nanette from my Kraafters Kommunity.  Since I really enjoy doodling and drawing the Zentangle art style is something I'm really interested in.  When I went to Joanne's site to check it out I was pleasantly surprised.  I have always had an interest in Calligraphy, and Joanne is also a Calligrapher.  When I watched some of her videos I was hooked.  In addition to the inspirational spin she has put on the Zentangle art style to create her Zenspirations way of drawing I just loved the Dangle aspect that she incorporated into it.

All this week Joanne's friend Debbie Cole (who is also in my Blog Roll List) of Debbie Cole Designs & Creative Innovations on FB will be featuring Joanne's work and focusing on a different aspect of it each day.  In addition to the blog posts she is doing GiveAways! Yes you can do specific things that Debbie lists at the bottom of each post that will enter you in the Giveaway pool.  I know I did all I could to win some free stuff of Joanne's!!

Anyway, I really like the uplifting and spiritual aspect of Joanne's work and wanted to give her a plug on my blog as well because I really believe she is doing God's work through her art.  I am extremely happy when I am at peace with myself and my Lord and Zenspirations helps me do that.  So please go check out Joanne's site and Debbie's as well and you might just win some free stuff!

Happy Kraafting Everyone & God Bless!
Big Hugs!

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