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Please join me in honoring a dear lady friend of mine who resides in the UK that goes by Lindz on G+ and HairyFarmersDaughter on Instagram. She is just one of the funniest people I know whether it be online or off.  I always enjoyed her humor during our weekly episode of KIL, short for Kraaft It Live, hosted by our dear sweet wonderful Heather Kraafter, well ok even she would say that's a bit much, lol, hahaha :-)  uhh hmmm, back to the point.

Lindz was always poking fun & joking with the host Heather and Michael who started out as tech support and grew with the show to be an irremovable piece of it.  Anyway, I just have always appreciated her humor but until recently it had not dawned on me what a FABULOUS Artist and Cartoonist she is!

So, I asked and she obliged and has allowed me to showcase some of my personal favorites. Heavily copy-written, so please respect that part of it. I hope you like them too.  This wonderful person has become near and dear to my heart.

Link to my Featured Artist Page on my new
Website:     DrawingandPaintingwithMaria.com
Follow Lindz on Instagram: HairyFarmersDaughter

Hope to see you there!


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