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 Won't you please join me in backing a fabulous woman in Heather Kraafter, and an awesome campaign on  This concept is just wonderful and I can't say enough good things about the proprietor and her family of supporters!  This needs to happen and I just want to do all I can to help out.  So, please take a minute and read the story, watch her BIG NEWS video just posted on June 1st, 2017, and throw a couple bucks Heather's way for this incredibly fantastic idea. (If you click on the intro phrase above you will see why I just think she's so awesome.  She's real, no fake here!!!)

Also, please know that support is not necessarily monetary.  Spreading the word is just as important as donating!  So Tweet, tweet, tweety-tweet-tweet! Share on your favorite social media.  It's so important that we widen the circle of knowledge for the campaign.  Heather has super fantastic NEWS to share about a major retail chain so please check out what she has to say.  Here are a few snippets from Heather's campaign page, with her permission of course :-)

*****                                            *****                                                     *****

The Kraaft Shaak is an online interactive community for all sorts of kraafty artsy fun for all levels of all abilities. We learn, explore and grow in creativity TOGETHER! It started as a personal hobby and has become a family of Kraafters all over the world! You can read the full story here: About the Kraaft Shaak! 

We intend to take this show on the road, forming a new subtitle - Kraaft Shaak on the GO! We want to get a bit more professional with our setup too. We intend to not just travel with a small tripod and a laptop to my Gram's; like we did in that episode. Rather, we want to outfit a traveling rig that will accommodate a full -on location- studio that we can produce a fun and interactive live broadcast to the world from a city near you with YOU in the audience!

" We want to bridge the gap and make it more accessible for more people."  .  .  .  "you leave feeling empowered to go out and create!"

*****                                            *****                                                     *****

I just think of all the children who could get access to art and kraafting live shows and be a part of it.  It would just be mind blowing for a child who is interested in art to gain access to such an event, I know I was that child. I would have done anything to get to an event like that for sure!  So let's not let our kids and ourselves down.  Let's get Heather and her family on the road so we can participate in all the FUN!  

Thank you so much for being interested in who I'm supporting.  I think it's so important to share any good times with the rest of the people I love and to share the wealth.  Also, I don't share anything with y'all that I don't back personally, so let's share!

Here's a link to Heather's store as well.  I looked, there are some really nice pieces in there! I may just have to have those poppies from last week's show?

Keep creating and have a wonderful day!!
Big Hugs!!


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