A New Cleaner Look for our site . . .

Hi Everyone!  If you noticed a change to the site, you are absolutely right! HA!
I have upgraded my site to look cleaner and have easier readability.  I chose a better theme and layout, in my opinion, to better showcase my artwork and new gadgets like subscribing to get post notifications by email.  There's also a new SEARCH function at the top of the page that should make getting around a bit easier too.

So, with all that said, how the hell are you guys??  It's been a struggle of a year so far for me and much of my family.  However, I believe things are on an upswing!!  I dyed my hair, ordered PIYO and have changed the way I eat.  I may be turning 50 this year but I certainly don't need to look and feel older than that!

I have some big plans for the near future so stay tuned and you won't miss a thing :-)

As Always, Big Hugs!!!

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