An Oldie But Goody . . . I love mushroom houses :-)

 This is a stamp that I carved using SpeedBall Speedy Carve material.  Carving my own stamps is a blissful task for me.  I truly enjoy it.  I can focus in on the tiny details and push out the rest of the world.

For a few minutes anyway, lol!

  As I believe I've mentioned in a previous post,
I'm working on some fresh new art.
I have two pieces professionally framed so far and I'm working on a third right now :-)  However, I'm keeping them under wraps for the time being until I get a confirmed date to show them.

Some pieces will be for sale and some will not so stay tuned for more details as I learn them, I will share them!  In the mean time here is a piece I did a few years ago with the stamp that I carved. It's one of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy it.

Dwarven Guarded Shroom House

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