Indiegogo - The Viviva Colorsheets- The most portable watercolors! The Team Just Posted An Update!

Hey, Everyone!
I'm truly excited about the project I'm backing on Indiegogo.  The product is called Viviva Colorsheets and it is going to make sketching on the go with watercolor, not a pain in the ass anymore, YAY!

I have been using watercolor to create with for a very long time and this is the first product in quite some time that has me "over the moon" excited about receiving it in the mail. I'm going to attempt to do some urban sketching this spring and summer and this product is going to be the perfect addition to my travel sketch case.

The Viviva Colorsheets project has just announced a stretch goal of $60,000 since the project goal of $45,000 has been met with plenty of time left over.  Isn't that exciting?  If we are able to reach to $60k mark, they will ship all the Viviva Colorsheets with a plastic mixing panel that you can fold in and out ...  isn't that cool?!

They are already listening to their community and their suggestions!

Reeah. Original Painting
4 Leaf Clover in a straw
I'll have some brand new eye candy for you soon but I can't put it up yet.  I'm trying to put together a small show and I'm waiting until I have that date to let you guys know.

Have a wonderful day and until next time . . . 

Big Hugs!!  Reeah.

Halloween Painting
Inspired by,
Cinnamon Cooney
Painted by Reeah.

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