Please check out this FABULOUS Scrap Booking Page on Inky Dinky Doodle ! ! !

Zsuzsa has out done herself with this family scrap book page!  I will suffice to say that I was Incredibly impressed and I know you will be too.  For any Mom or Dad that has had a hard time letting go of that bundle of joy you grew into an incredible young man or woman.  I know this will touch your heart.

You can click her link in my list at the left or just click this direct link to her post.  her process is so intriguing and she tells it flawlessly.  I will give you a small taste of some of the process photos but you have to go look to see the finished product.  I don't want to spoil it for you.

ENJOY . . .

Inks & Texture   -   Oh My!

Embossing the Texture   -   Whoo Hooo!

Kreativity Beyond the Imagination ! ! !

Thank you Zsuzsa for this FABULOUS PIECE!  You have touched my heart and I really love when that happens!

As Always, Big Hugs to you all!

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