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Well, hello fellow artists and Kraafters!  It is my turn to put up my post for the Creative Blog Hop. I really must say that I have only been a member of the Kraafters Kommunity for a short while but no other group has shown me as much love and friendship and creative support as this one.  All of its members are of varied styles, abilities, interests and specialties however, there was one member from day one that reached out to me, lifted me up, and was instantly my friend as if I had known her all my life and that is the person who invited me to participate in this activity, Rose Treasures more fondly referred to as Patty

Patty posted to her blog last Monday and did a fantastic job with something I know she was not  100% comfortable doing.  I think that is why I admire her so much.  She may not be 100% confident or comfortable in knowing exactly what needs to be done but she will tackle it with 100% heart, love and all she knows how to get it done and it turns out time and time again a blue ribbon winner!!  We are both devoted Christians and I believe that makes me feel closer to her as well. So, make sure you check her blog out if you haven't done so already.  She is an incredible artist and Kraafter in her own right. Thank you Patty for inviting me!! I always have Big Hugs for YOU!  :-)

Now, I suppose I have some questions to answer . . .     well here goes I guess.

What am I working on?

I'm currently working on recuperating from pneumonia.  I have been doodling in my spare time when I'm not sleeping.  Being sick really takes a lot out of you the older we get even if we don't feel old.  I have been designing and practicing zentangles in my most recent book purchase "The Art of Zentangle".  I have been immersing myself in all the fantastic works of art you my Kraafty friends post to our Kommunity daily!  I have been following blog posts and watching videos so that when I get my health back I can get into my art room and put all my new found knowledge to GREAT USE!  Well, at least that's the plan anyway, lol!  I do have some projects and paintings partially completed that i would like to finish.  I think that will be my 1st priority.

How does my work differ from others/describe my style?

I'm kind of with Heather in this regard.  I don't really (and never have) placed myself into any one category or style.  I do what I like. Usually what I like varies with my mood, my ambition, & how much time I have at that moment to create.  Most of the time I'm creating a piece for someone and that shapes what I do and how it comes out. However,  I do consider myself first and foremost to be a graphite artist.  I have been teaching myself to draw with "how to" books and now videos since I have had a paper route and money to buy books.  Granted I'm able to afford much nicer "how to" books now than what I started out with but if I couldn't afford any books I would check them out from the library for free!  Nothing ever stopped me from drawing. As a matter of fact, I still have a drawing that I made at age 10 while on vacation with my family in Canada at 31 Mile Lake, while camping.  I had no pencils with me, no paper, nothing to color or draw with so guess what I used?  I used a sheet of white birch bark that I peeled from a tree where we were camping and I took twigs and roasted them in the campfire to char the end.  I used the charred wood as charcoal and drew on the tree bark.  I will post a pic of it when I dig it out.  So this is me.  Determined to draw no matter what, and from there who knows?  I am so interested in so many different things from crochet to knitting to painting to journaling sometimes I don't know where to begin but if I had to choose one it would be drawing with a pencil and eraser, for sure.

How do I Create/Where do I get my inspiration?

I get my inspiration from YOU!  Each and every one of YOU!  You - Heather Kraafter that creates live shows I absolutely adore and an awesome Kommunity that I'm blessed to be a part of!  You - Sylvia Tabor that fills my head with so many ideas and things to create that it almost explodes!  You - Patty Treasures that uplifts my spirit and makes me laugh and completely leaves me in awe of what you create on a daily basis!  I could go on and on and on for each and every one of you but YOU know who YOU are!  It's people like all of YOU that give me inspiration and excitement to try something new, get out of my comfort zone a bit and tackle that project I have been wanting to do for a long time.  So I have to say I am creating in one of the most awesome times to be an artist because I'm surrounded by all of YOU, right at my fingertips!!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little slice of Kraafting Heaven & Artistic Nohow.  I sure have enjoyed sharing it with you.  Please be on the lookout for next week's inductees to the Creative Blog Hop Hall of Fame.  They are some extremely talented ladies and I cannot wait to find out what they have been up to recently.

  • Cathy Gillette, Her blog is called Cat Craft Fever  She has just started her blog and put up her very first post so I'm very proud of her.  I know she has tons of  "stuff" (as I so eloquently put it) to show us and I for one can't wait to see it all.  I also met Cathy through the Kraafters Kommunity on G+ and I am extremely grateful for that.

AS ALWAYS . . .  Keep Kreating & your heart will always be full!  I will leave you with this quote I found recently on a $1 rubber stamp from ME-E, Inc. (I think) ha, ha, ha !

Big Hugs,

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