Cathy Gillette is out of gate Running Full Speed ahead

In this month's Kraaft it Live! Kraafters Kommunity Challenge #KSDSEPT.  Head on over to Cathy's shiny new blog pages and check out what she has put together so far.  You would never know that this is a new thing for Cathy she is looking like a pro!  I just love what she has so far and I know you will too.  So head on over and check it out.  You can get there by clicking this link or by clicking her blog link on the left side of the page here . . .
Starting Out

Either way you will like what you find.  Thanks to Cathy for sharing in her process with all of us!  I love when I can see how it all comes together, it helps get the creative juices flowing!!  LOL!

Cathy has given us an additional update today.  YAY!  Her project is coming along beautifully as I'm sure you will all agree.  Thanks Cathy!
Mid-Way Through

And finally the finished product!  BRAVO Cathy!!  This is extremely beautiful!!

Finished Piece  --  BRAVO Cathy!!

As always, Keep Kreating & Big Hugs to all of you!

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