My Maiden Voyage Trying Out Joanne Fink's Zenspirations Style of Lettering . . .

I did this birthday card pretty quickly yesterday for my future daughter-in-law.  My son Jacob and Jensea were coming over and I had a Michaels gift card I had bought for Jen for her birthday on Monday.  However since I have been under the weather lately, I have not had a chance to give it to her until yesterday.  Anyway, I was sitting here watching one of Joanne's videos on lettering and thought to myself .... Self, we don't have  a card to put that gift card into for Jen.

So, I have some two pocket folders that Daniel (my Freshman High student this year, UGH!) didn't use for school and I took one and cut it in half.  Then I folded the half in half long-ways (or vertically).  I then put the gift card inside the pocket and cut it off at the right height, and wallah! I had a blank bright yellow card, that when you opened it up had a pocket inside each cover.  I thought this was pretty clever since I am by no means a card creator, LOL!

OK, so now back to the video I was watching.  I was so Zenspired by Joanne's lettering that I figured I would give it a try on this card for Jen.  If it came out like I was hoping, I knew Jensea would LOVE it and if it didn't come out like I was hoping, oh well I had more folders to try again  :-)
Inside Right I also went over with black ink.

Inside Left which I later went over with black ink.

So away I went, with most of the emphasis being on the capital J.  I had just watched some patterning videos of hers and so i was in the "zone" for tackling this project.

 Here is the finished card.  It's nothing fancy but she did LOVE it and I am very PROUD of it.  I know she will save it with all the other stuff she has in her Art Room which just warms my heart.  Oh yeah, did I mention she is the daughter I never had!  Just thought I might mention that again.  I love her with all my heart and I think that is why the card came out so well for the very first try at this.

The finished Card Face

My Jensea
My Jacob & Jensea

My Daniel

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please Keep Kreating and as always ...
Big Hugs to you all!

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