Hello everyone and welcome to the first posting of my blog.  This is a new and exciting experience for me so please bare with me as I learn this technique as we go along.

I am hoping to create a place to chronicle my artwork and the steps it took me to make it.  However, since I am in-between projects at the moment I will start off with posting some of my already completed drawings.

I started with pencil sketch art and graduated to Watercolor and Acrylic Painting so, pencil or graphite as it is called now is where I will start.

I am not trying to sell you Lee Hammond's Book(s) it just so happens that most of these drawings are done from exercises in one of her books.  Also I happen to think she is a fantastic artist and author.  Just my opinion and since it's my Blog, I guess I get to express my opinions, Yay!  LOL!  I hope you enjoy!  :-)

 This basketball was done with both graphite pencil and colored pencil.  I had finally found some colored pencils that I liked so this one was a "slam dunk"!  (sorry I just couldn't help myself)
 I very much enjoyed doing the "Fingers" sketch here to the right.  They may look very simple but it was not as simple to draw as it looks.  I'm very happy with the finished drawing though, it was well worth the time it took to do.

These are supposed to be "Guy Eyes"  but to me they look a bit angry.  You can decide for yourself.  :-)
 This one to the right and the one below it are some of my exercises on how to draw hair. I'm telling you, if you have never used one of Lee Hammond's books you need to take a look at them there are several.  I believe these are from the "Big Book of Drawing"  I will double check though since I have two of her books.
This reminds me of the way the ladies wore their hair in the 50's.  Occasionally you still see it being worn this way though. I guess it all depends on taste.  It was fun to draw though, that's for sure!
 This one to the right is called "I Got My Eye On You".  A study and practice of drawing the eye.
 These are my "Lady Eyes"  Now these definitely are female! LOL!  No bushy brows here  :-)
 I call this my Mr. Magoo drawing.  Remember Mr. Magoo?  I loved that cartoon.  The squinty eyes and face just reminds me of that character. (It's not really him)LOL!
Most of these are from Lee Hammond's Big Book of Drawing.  This was my very first portrait that I did in pencil.  They used to terrify me before I got Lee's book.  As you can see it came out pretty good.  I was very pleased with it.
 Portrait of a seal.  I named this drawing "seal the deal"
A loose sketch of a young boy.  I had great pleasure in doing this one.  Since I have two boys of my own.  I have been working on some sketches of them so, you will probably get to meet them sometime in the future.
 These are supposed to be surprised eyes however, as someone pointed out to me today they do look more shocked than surprised. Either way, I like 'em.

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