The Importance of Notes in your Sketchbook!

 When I'm going through one of my "How To" books, I often make detailed notes when doing some of the exercises.  These are examples of keeping notes in your sketchbook along with some of your sketches and drawings.  It's a tremendous help when going back later on to view practice pages and step by step exercises.
Right: A study of Ellipses, at the bottom of the page is the completed exercise, a wagon wheel.

"Practice" Page from one of my sketchbooks.

Left:  One of my practice pages.  The water drops on the leaves were especially challenging.  The Palm Tree and Clouds were just for Fun!                                                              

Different Versions of Out Buildings
That can be used in a scene or setting.

Right:  Some exercises in drawing
out buildings that can be places in landscape drawings or country settings.

Below:  This is a "step by step" drawing that came from my youngest son's boy scout book.  I was always looking around for the book whenever picture day came and I had to tie a Tie for Danny.  Since I can never remember how to tie the Tie and often had a hard time finding the book, I sketched the drawings from the book into my sketchbook.  Genius, right!  :-)  I thought so.  Since I ALWAYS know where my sketchbook is, hahahaha!  LOL!

And last but definitely not least, on the left is a study I did on how to create a Lionfish Mermaid and ways to draw different fins, etc.  Most important thing I learned from this is that there is NO wrong way to draw creatures from Legend/Myth.  Fantasy drawings are really fun.  I will show you some of mine in my next post.

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