Apparently I got confused when I was labeling my drawings because on my printout of B02 is says B01 on the first page. Anyway, when viewing the sketches below, the correct lesson letter/numbers are listed in the text. I have gone back and rechecked the site just to make sure, before writing this post.  :-)
Anyone who would like to check out these and many other free lessons can go to, the owner of which (Brenda Hoddinott) has a blog here on blogspot.

Above: Lesson B02 Shapes of a Duck - a beginner lesson on learning to "see" & the importance of seeing & drawing accurate proportions.    Also :  Lesson J06 How to Use a Value Map - an intermediate lesson that teaches a tool called a value map.  Used by many to figure out the best placement of shading and values in both drawings & paintings.
Below: Lesson B01 Drawing with Spaces - a beginner lesson on identifying the edges of an object with negative and positive space.
Included here is the challenge exercise.  To Draw a simple object from life, by outlining only the negative space.  There was a can of furniture polish, in front of one of the chairs on the dining room table.  That is what I used for this challenge exercise.  I was sitting at the table drawing, so it was in very close proximity to me. 

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