What a Beautiful Lady, Inside and Out!

I was reading a post written by a dear friend Joanne Fink of Zenspirations and was extremely moved by her words.  I lost a very sweet and dear young man this year and she has/is helped me through the really tough stuff. I try to pass on her words of wisdom as she is an expert on the matter although unfortunately not by choice.  Please Read . . .

June 27th this year is a milestone for me– it’s my 35th wedding anniversary. Andy and I celebrated 29 wedding anniversaries together– this will be the sixth time that I am facing our special day without him. I was a total wreck the first year after he died… and, frankly, not in great shape the following years either. But this year I have decided to try to commemorate our anniversary by focusing on the many wonderful things I remember about our time together. Andy’s love blessed my life in ways I am still discovering; sharing his legacy is helping me grow into the person I am becoming. On my Journey from Grief to Gratitude, I am profoundly grateful for the love we shared and the years we had together.
Stay Zenspired,
No truer words have ever been written/spoken! I love her and the ability she has to see the best in people! :-)

Thank you, Joanne and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
Huge Hugs and Love, 


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