GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! I have a brand new website!

I will NOT be ending my blog for those of you wondering.  I will keep it as a more personal touch to my new website and an integral part of it.  I wanted the new site to be a place where I can sell my original art and maybe from time to time issue some limited prints.  My goal is to partner with Art Store Fronts in making that happen.  Their model is exactly the flexibility I'm looking for and I certainly don't want to reinvent the wheel so to speak :-)  I feel that by keeping my blog "as is" for the most part, I'm able to keep that closeness to the folks who follow it, and really enjoy seeing what's going on, not only with my Art but with Myself as well.

Here is a link to the new site Drawing and Painting with Maria.  You can go ahead and click it right now! Don't fret, once you are there and look around you can easily come right back here if you like by clicking the button you see right on the HOME Page.  
I hope folks will take a minute out of their busy day to browse my creations and maybe sip their morning beverage?  I find art is a very soothing way to start your day.  It works much better for me than say . . .  CNN?  or even the local News?  I find sipping my morning coffee while browsing through the creations from the people I follow, is a wonderful way to start the day, go ahead . . .  give it a try :-)

Now, you will notice that there is NO store setup right now.  This is going to be phase II of implementing the website.  I am scheduling an appointment with the folks at Art Store Fronts and I hope to have a store for you to purchase original art from by the end of June 2017.  This date is, of course, tentative barring any unforeseen obstacles on my part, LOL.  That is a really nice way of saying . . .  It will happen by then as long as I didn't mess anything up, Hahaha !!! LOL! :-)

So, there you have it, folks.  YAY! I'm super excited!!!  I hope you are too.  Leave comments, let me know what you think and take a hop over to the new site and check it out.  You can subscribe to my "New Subs" list on the new site and get a 10% off coupon code that does not expire ever! When the store goes live there will be announcements to all, however, those who subscribe will get notified FIRST!

Thank you for your time.  If you have read the entire post to the end, I sincerely thank you from the top, bottom and all of my heart. This is very big for me and no matter what happens, I know I will never regret going all in on my dream.

Huge Hugs & Thanks to ALL
and Stay Creative,

The new site address is


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