Some Sugar from the South on Day of the Dead


Added more doodling and carved out the hair more.  Going to work on the "Gem-Like" appearance I want on the vertebrae in the neck. Not sure if it's still "sweet enough" to be a sugar skull but I am really liking seeing where this is going.  I feel there's lots of room yet to work on it and improve it.  I would like a bit more definition to the hair portion as well after I work on the vertebrae.

That's all for now. hope you enjoyed this quick update and I have a few more in store for you in the next few days.  As Always, go out and do something creative today!  You won't regret it.
Big Hugs!!


Original Post Said:
This is my most recent piece in my sketch book.  I was watching a video by Sea Lemon that I will link to here if you would like to watch it.  She is just darling and I love her book binding tutorials as well.  Jennifer has all sorts of helpful DIY projects on her channel so check it out for a variety of helpful and inspirational items of usefulness, LOL!, WOW! That was a mouth full for sure, Ha!

I really just used the basic shape that she used and then just did my own after that.  You can see they don't look anything alike once all decorated with your own personal touch and style.  Even if I don't have a clue what my "style" is.

Enjoy . . . .

I'm still going to do more with the Hair and the Background.
I also am going to use some colored pencil on the 2 center
rectangles in the vertebrae to make them look Gem Like. 
I will post a final pic when I'm all done with it, hopefully no later than Wednesday evening. So I hope you like the stuff so far.  I'm going to try and start incorporating the vids soon on my YouTube channel, to complement what I'm putting up on the blog.  This site is my first love so I want to keep that my main focus and outlet for communicating with you all.  Well, it's 1:13am Eastern Time and I think I better go lay my head on the pillow for a few hours.
As Always, go out and do something creative today!  You won't regret it.
Big Hugs!!

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