#NanNoJouMo2016 Has Started!!!

Although I have been following along for a few years I have never participated until this year.  So, this is the daily prompt list that I got from the site I follow.  I believe the name is in the bottom right corner of this pic.

I did a tree sketch and a small girl "Up A Tree", which was the prompt for day 1. Then I decided I would like to continue to work this same sketch from day 1 and incorporate the next few prompts/days into this one sketch.

So I did, and it was fun!!  :-)

Days 1-4 of the daily list I posted above are in the following sketch.  Hope you like it.  Sorry for the shininess, overhead light was reflecting.  But they're not too bad.Here are the pics of the page.

The prompts contained within the sketch in order are:
Up A Tree, In Bloom, Fashionable, Smashing Pumpkins

In Bloom

Up A Tree

(I know that's questionable but :-)
Smashing Pumpkins on the Stereo

More little people and houses Up A Tree

As Always, go out and do something creative today, you won't regret it :-)
Big Hugs!!

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