Sunday Funday Hart Mail, your Art videos and Blogs Q and A -- OMG!!!

OK, This is my official THANK YOU!!!  To my Art Sherpa Cinnamon Cooney and her hubby John for the shout out they gave my blog today on their live, Sunday Funday Stream.  I was just blown away by the super nice comments and also it being the very first Official Shout Out I have ever received from a recognized, accomplished & AMAZING WORKING ARTIST.  If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about just watch the video above starting at the 16:00 minute mark and you will see a familiar sight :-)!  I couldn't believe it was my Blog Title? I have to say I cried a little, no one has ever done that for me before on a live stream and I'm sincerely touched by the love


Seriously though, I just had to put up an immediate Thank you, cuz you guys just validated my entire faith in people and that they are not all crap and there are still a few that would really like to see this world become a better place for us all through ART.  You just reinforced to me that I'm not alone on that journey and for that I sincerely Thank you!

Stay tuned everyone cuz the Spooky Town Zoomed-In is finished and posting soon . . . . . . 
As always, go out and do something creative today . . .   you won't regret it,
Big Huge Hugs!!!


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