Painting along with Ginger . . .

I had such fun watching the recorded Ginger Cook Live Show called Ginger Crumbs that I decided to paint along and watch it twice.  I had a blast!!  Not only do I just love Hibiscus flowers, which was the subject of the painting, but I also love Ginger's stories!  This lady can just tickle my funny bone all show long with her quips and short funny comments but the best of it all are her life stories.  I just love when she tells one of her, what I call, "life story".  If you want to know what I'm referring to, you will have to go and watch the video since she is keeping it up on YouTube due to unforeseen circumstances with the Monday night broadcast I believe.  Anyway, she is keeping it up so go and watch it.  I promise there will be a "life story" to tickle your funny bone if you have one.

OK, now for the fruits of my labor  . . . . .

I recently purchased some Daler Rowney Acrylic Paint called System3. My local WalMart started carrying them and I had heard good things so I thought I would give them a go and I was very pleasantly surprised because they were only $2.98 per 2 fl oz tube. They performed fabulously and mixed colors like a champ so I'm very happy with them especially for the price.

I apologize if the photos are a bit dark, I didn't want to brighten beyond what the flash had done so that the colors represented on the blog well.  It's a fairly on the dark side painting with regard to the overall tone of it so I left it alone.  I'm extremely happy with how it turned out.  Let me know how you fair with Ginger and let me know how you liked the "life story"?         Until next time . . . .
Big Hugs!!



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