A Few Other Odds & Ends . . . .

Just Some Odds & Ends that I think turned out rather well.

The mushroom is a hand carved stamp that I made back in May of 2016.  After I stamped, colored it and threw some ink around it. I was just inspired by the way the ink and paint dryed to doodle around it and draw what looks like a Dwarven guy with a very big hammer.

With the release of the Legion Expansion for World of Warcraft on August 360, 2016 I thought I would throw him in with my odds and ends post.

Going Forward . . .      I'm going to try and get on a blog schedule to post more regularly.  So, I will give it my best and we shall see what happens.

 I sure hope you like the rest of the pics.  I'm really starting to enjoy my art again.
Until next time  .  .  .  .
Big Hugs!!

The bottom of the painting close up.

Top Right of the painting close up.
A closer look at the face portion of the painting.

This is one of my absolute favorite paintings to date.  Just something about it.
The Full Original size pic of the painting.  Let me know your thoughts on intuitive painting.

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