My latest Hand Carved Stamp!

I very much enjoy carving handmade stamps.  Lately I have been, dare I say, getting GOOD at it even, LOL!  I stamped it out for you guys and did a few tweaks with my Pentel black Finito (my new favorite black pen for ink and wash).

Please Enjoy the pics and I will TRY to keep you guys updated on what I'm working on.
This is the hand carved stamp, created from easy carve material.

On the left of the stamp is the drawing that the stamp was created from.
As you can see I drew him on both sides of the paper so I could see
how the stamp would look no matter which side I carved out.

These are stamped images from my hand carved stamp above.
I decided I liked him looking over his right shoulder
rather than looking over his left.

Filled in the beak with black Finito pen.
Added some texture to the tail feathers.

This is a clean stamp. Untouched.
I stamped two colors black then rose madder Archival.

All of the birds together :-)
A glimpse of some whimsical characters I'm working on.

 I hope you enjoy the whimsical characters I created and the stamp I hand-carved that I'm going to call
             My Imagination Bird
because that's where he came from.  Enjoy!
Big Hugs!!

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