Mixed Media Morsels

 This is my first page for my MMM technique book. It's acrylic paint and plastic wrap.  Cat Hand had an excellent video showing the technique and what you need and how to do it.  Please look up her video series called Mixed Media Morsels and give it a try.  It's a lot of fun and when we're done, we'll all have a nice little book with all sorts of techniques we can draw from.

Below is page two of the booklet.  I have not completed my decorative process for my booklet yet but as you can see from pic1 to my left, it has book rings through the top.  I'm going to make mine a flip-top style.  I'm not sure why but I think it will look neat and it will be a little different than the others in the group.
Please head on over to Cat's You Tube Channel and see what all the fun is about.  We are also sharing our photos of what we make in a FB group Cat made so HURRY!!!      We all would like to see you there!  Until next time, Big Hugs!!

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