The Sunflowers

This is a painting I started in August right before my b-day on the 3rd and have been working on it here and there ever since.  In an effort to finish it, I have fiddled with the background to the point where I think I'm almost 100% happy with it.

I'm not quite sure about the bottom right-hand corner.  I love the colors fading into each other but I think it could be blended better.  I think the transition point there is a bit too stark for my liking.  I'm pretty picky when it comes to my paintings.  That's why it takes me such a long time to complete one cuz I'm forever picking it apart but I'm going to try and work on that going forward.

Anyway, this is where I'm at with it.  I will sign it in that bottom right corner whenever I do call it complete so that corner won't be completely empty after I sign the painting.  Let me know if you have anything to add or any suggestions or constructive criticism.  I'm a big girl & I always welcome advice from the heart.

With that said, take a look and see what you think and as always . . .  Keep Kreating!!

this photo shows best what I'm talking about in that bottom corner
Big Hugs & Merry Christmas!

You can see it here as well though.  I may just be being too picky though.

Here are some close ups to show the texture I put in the center of the flowers.
I just love that about oil paint.  I love being able to stand the paint up on end and have it stay there!!

I'm really very happy with the painting itself.  I'm just being OCD about the background I believe.

You know, It may be that the bottom corner is just too empty and it is causing me to focus on the background because there is nothing else there but that.  Oh, I don't know, my head is starting to hurt so I'm not gonna think about it any longer HA!

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