OK - I Think This Is Really Cool ... Tangling the Hair!

OK, this is my most favorite piece of artwork that I've recently finished.  It took me a while to do and to paint but I think it was worth it.  I'm real pleased with how it came out.  Right down to the fixatif I used to spray it when it was finished.

This is Where I started.  I have a Zentangle book that had step by step Project to draw and tangle the hair of a Fairy.

This is a close up of the first set of pics I took after I had got started drawing and tangling the hair of the Fairy.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise.  This is after I had started to add some color to the completed hair tangle. The background is done with derwent inktense pencils.  They are permanent when dry I believe because they're ink. Anyway, I am really enjoying picking and coordinating the colors at this point.

The two above are before and after I applied water to the background color I laid down.  It  blended quite beautifully. I love the vibrant color of the Derwent pencils as well.

After I used the Tombow Markers, I thought I would try some of the PRANG Glitter Paint that I picked up a few weeks earlier at my local WalMart.  I thought it was pretty cool and PRANG is a pretty reputable name for quality inexpensive watercolors.  Anyway, they were awesome!!!  I just loved them!
These two are the next steps in coloring the hair.  I used some of my Tombow Duel ended Markers.  They are just wonderful!

So I Sprayed it well!  and let it dry.  I was happy that it did not run after I sprayed it initially.  It turned out FANTASTIC!  I could touch the paper and it was DRY TO THE TOUCH!!!  She turned out beautiful.  I am really pleased with her and can't wait to put her in a frame.

Thansk for Stopping by.


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