French Cafe Acrylic Painting - From Beginning to End

OK - This is my current project/painting I am working on.  Thank you to Will Kemp for creating the free videos and providing all the reference and instruction that I will be following for this endeavor. If you have no knowledge of Will, please take a moment and check out his website and YouTube channel they can both be found by looking under "WillKempArtSchool".  I adore Will and his teaching style.  It is light and funny but extremely intuitive and gives you a great amount of knowledge.  So in the meantime while I'm working on my next step, go ahead to Will's website Will Kemp Art School and check out the many lessons he has there for aspiring artists like you and I.  Who knows? You may decide to have a go at it yourself!

French Cafe      Reference Photo

Primed canvas board 16"x20"

To the left is my canvas board after applying the colored ground which is a mixture of Raw Umber and White. It makes a nice cool grayish color with a hint of tan to it.  My cfl light bulbs apparently give a warm yellow glow to everything, so it looks more tan here than it really is. Sorry about that.  Once I get my studio set back up I will put different lighting in there to stop that from happening.

I am working on the next step now, which is sketching out the drawing of the scene so that I can start to apply the dark shadowy areas onto the canvas.  I'm very excited about tackling this painting so stay tuned and follow along with me as I work my way through it.

Your friend in Art,

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