Trying to decide, Hmmmm . . . .

I received an email from a group called Artistnetwork regarding an Art competition entitled "Strokes of Genius 6.  The deadline to enter is April 15, 2013. The theme of Strokes of Genius 6 is Value: Lights and Darks.  Submissions have to be a drawing of some sort.  It doesn't really matter what medium is used for the drawing, even paint can be used in a "drawing like" manner.  

I'm trying to decide which of these graphite pencil drawings I should enter into an artist competition.  I would submit them both if I could afford it but I can only afford one submission.   I am leaning toward the newborn baby picture.  Especially since it is a drawing of a sweet baby boy who was born in October of 2011 and tragically died on April 15, 2012.  I drew it as a Christmas gift for his parents that year.

On the other hand, the second picture is of my youngest son Daniel.  He likes to take corny close-up pics of himself with my camera a lot. I was uploading them to my computer one evening and came across this one.  I thought it would be a great subject for a portrait drawing so I gave it a try.

OK. So now I need some input from you.  Which one should I submit to the competition?  You can let me know by leaving a comment on my Blog.  I would really appreciate the feedback.


"Peaceful Newborn Slumber"


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