My Most Recent Acrylic Painting . . .

I scrolled through hundreds of free online reference photos of sunsets and this particular one caught my eye.  This particular photo was taken from one of my favorite online teaching sites called Drawspace.  Which among many other things, provides students with reference material photos they can draw from when doing a painting.  Anyway, this particular sunset caught my eye because I seem to be drawn to silhouettes.  I like them. They're mysterious and frankly a bit easier to paint because there is less detail.  So, I hope you like the painting and the photo choice.  Please go to Drawspace and check out this site.  They have all types of memberships (including free) and all types of instruction for every level.  This was one of the first sites I found when I was looking for an online teaching site that fit my budget.  Thus the FREE membership, LOL!  :-)

Enjoy  the painting I call simply  . . .   "Sunset Silhouette"

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