A Wonderful Site for Instruction and Collaboration

If you are looking for a fresh, new site for ideas, instruction, collaboration, etc.  Look no further.  Boy, that sounds cheesy doesn't it,  LOL!  hahahaha!!   Seriously though, my attention lately has been turned to a site called ArtTutor .  Although a payment is required to become a "member" there is plenty of Free content for you to peruse. All mediums are covered with instructional video lessons and the free videos are not just snippets of what the entire video would show you.  They are the entire video, with nothing left out.  I am going to join for a few months when I start my next project in oil.  Since I am beyond beginner (in the backwards direction) when it comes to oil, I am going to need all the instruction I can get, LOL!!  Anyway, give it a try and check out the free instruction they have so you can decide if you want to become a member or not.  I have decided YES.  The cost of the membership is entirely affordable as well.  Another reason I have decided in favor of membership.

I promise my next post will be a completed work of art.  I am just being very lazy apparently in mailing my niece's gift to her and I can't post it before she receives it.  That would be a disaster!  Until next time everyone . . .         keep creating no matter what or where!!   :-)


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