In Loving Memory

This is the hardest post I have ever had to write ...

     I have to say that 2017 for me so far, has been a complete bust.  That's putting it as politely as I possibly can as not to offend my closest and dearest family members.  However, this year is officially one of the worst in my life.

  Saturday I have a complete meltdown after being bit accidentally by my shithead dog who thinks he has to but his nose were it doesn't belong but that will be another oh but interesting post.

   Sunday morning I get the call of life altering pain.  My oldest son Jacob's life-long best friend had a seizure and died.  25 years young, full of life, freshly married, loving his wife, his family, his friends & seemed to have life by the ass.
Gone, snuffed out in a span of less than a minute I believe, thank God for small favors he didn't suffer.  None of it makes any sort of logical sense and yet it's still the reality I keep waking up to. We come together in celebration of his quarter century on this earth and all the love he gave each and every one of us who had the pleasure of calling him friend.

I love you Jesse.
Big Hugs!!
My favorite pic of  these two.  Brother and Sister Jesse and Jensea.
My Jacob's best friend and his fiance'.

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