My Current Piece of Artwork . . .

I started with the eye and moved to the nose and mouth.
I was having so much fun and was relaxing so much while doing the drawing I wasn't even aware of how much time had passed, lol!  That's when I know a drawing, painting or whatever, is going to turn out really well. When  I'm so absorbed that I don't realize how much time is passing and then there is a certain feeling I get of Zen that lets me know I'm doing a good job.
NEXT are photos of the face portion completed. ONCE the boarder is complete the entire drawing will be finished and prints will be available.

 I already have a print claimed by a friend who saw it on FB and would like a print for her Real Estate Office.  I was so happy when so approached me and asked if she could have even a photo copy of it, she loves it so much.  Just so happened I had the journal in my purse that had this drawing in it and I showed her the original drawing.  She was overjoyed and so was I.  It was the first time someone outside of my immediate family had complimented my art and validated my abilities and I think I am still on cloud 9.

I will continue to keep you all posted here and let you know when the prints become available.  Thank you all for reading and viewing my artwork.
As always, enjoy your art process and give yourself some Big Hugs!!

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