A Peek At What I'm Currently Working On . . .

Well, it's not really a project, but more like a change in focus.  Yeah, that's it!  I am focusing more on my sketching and drawing specifically as it pertains to portraits.  I would like to get into some colored pencil possibly while working with portraits.  I've decided to that end, I'm going to start practicing my line work more, and just practice my drawing with graphite pencil in general, a whole lot more. I feel I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to drawing some of my facial features.  So that is where I will begin my practice.

My favorite facial feature to draw is the eye.

I get lost in developing the shadows and highlights of the eye,

 along with the curves & creases involved in drawing an eye.
My Next facial feature to practice will be the Nose.  Be sure to come back and take a look at what I come up with.  Thanks for stopping by and as always . . . . 

Big Hugs!!

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