An Update Post to Show ya'll what I've been Up To :-)

Well apparently I have not uploaded my photos yet that I took over the past few days.  I have been working on some tangling.  I started out with using just graphite for my drawing and then went to my watercolor pens and my inktense pencils in order to add some color to this tangle portrait.  I can't wait to show you how it's coming along.  It's not finished yet but it is really looking awesome so far.  Even if I do say so myself.  Actually my hubby says so too so it's not just me ... hahaha!

So, until I get off my lazy duff and upload those pics later today I will give you this pic that I finished last month and forgot to upload for you guys.  Sorry.  I have been battling some illness these past few months and have had an increasingly hard time of it this last month. Anyway, this is a really cool tangle called "D is for Doodle".  I started it out in the center with the picasso-like tangle.  I moved to the right side of the paper from there doing some dangles.  I filled in the left side then with a compass and lots of different size  circles that I then tangled inside of each one.  I left some of them black and white as I was unsure what colors to use on them.  So I opted for none.  I may go back to it at some later point in time and color them but who knows.

Ok.  So I have a lot of stuff I'm working on for Christmas presents that I can't post because the intended party to receive such gifts would see them and I can't have that, lol!  But I will show them to you immediately after they are given, I promise.

Alright then, I have a few more pics to take and then I will upload them all and create another post for everyone.  Until then . . .  Happy Holiday Season Everybody!!!!

As always  . . . . .   Keep Kreating!!
Big Hugs!!

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