Practice Makes Perfect? Well maybe not but It's really FUN!

These are just some pieces that started out as practice and turned into something kinda nice.  Thought I would throw them together and think of some inspiring words of wisdom for Zsuzsa's Sunday Sentiments Blog Link Party.  Since it's the inaugural Sunday and all I couldn't pass it up.  I hope it's a huge success Zsuzsa, you are a wonderful and sweet person!!

It started out as a color mixing chart . . . 

It ended up as a piece of Art.  This is the finished piece that I tangled all over.  I posted it on G+ when it was about half way done just to show you guys I wasn't just sitting around being sick and not doing anything Kraafty. LOL!  I think it turned out pretty nice. Sorry about the photo quality, I took it with my phone.  The one up top was taken with my camera. Big difference when you put them together but oh well, its late and I don't want to have to upload pics from my camera.  :-)

Tangle Me Some Inspiration!

This is truly a practice sheet piece.  I got my set of 12 Koi Watercolor Brush Pens in the mail the same day I got my wonderful Kraaft Shaak Prize Package and Stamp Set that I purchased.  I had to do something with them cuz I just couldn't wait to get them so I just started doodling with some wax resist and added water to blend.  Before I knew it . . .  WaaLaah!  I had another fantastic "Practice" piece turned work of Art.  I love these pens! The colors are so vibrant I can't even explain it.  You just have to get a set for yourself and have a go with them.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

Practice may not always make Perfect but it sure is FUN!!!!!
 I hope you enjoyed this whimsical blog post.  Sometimes you just need to have fun with it.  I think we all should take time to just play with our stuff and have FUN with it!!!   As Always . . . Keep Kreating!

Big Hugs!

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