A Cherry of a Painting, ha ha ha :-)

One of my most favorite artists from the ArtTutor Site is Will Kemp. He is funny and knowledgeable and just all around great to watch and learn from.  He also has his own site that is wonderful as well and here is a link to that  Will Kemp Art School .   I have completed one of the free courses that Will provides on his site of a cherry.  It is an acrylic lesson and since I am trying to learn oils I thought it might be prudent to do a few acrylic paintings to brush up on those skills.  I kind of associate acrylic painting having some similar qualities and techniques to oil painting although since I don't know very much about oil painting yet this may be a mis-conception at this point, I will find out I suppose.  ANYWAY . . .   I am posting some photos of my completed painting of a cherry.  It was much fun to paint and I thoroughly enjoyed the series of videos I watched on You Tube that Will created.

Thanks Will,  You're the Best!!

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