WatercolourWorkshop Channel on YouTube.com . . . CHECK IT OUT!!!

I have been watching a lot of watercolor videos lately and doing painting whenever I can find some spare time here and there.  I have been studying one particular channel on YouTube.com recently and just loving it!!  This guy's channel is just loaded with awesome videos, tips, advice and great demos on watercolor painting.  I haven't watched them all but I'm sure working on it.  It seems I can only get through a few before I am compelled to try one, LOL!  So without further ado . . .
 I'm learning so very much about how much to wet the paper before I start to get a soft effect for a sky, misty background, etc.  I'm also learning how to load a brush with several colors instead of just one at a time.  Please check this channel out if you are the least bit interested in watercolor painting.  Especially if you are a beginner, you will really relate to how easy to follow he makes watercolor painting.
Until next time,

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