Yay!  More great FREE online classes from WetCanvas!  

I attended the most recent of Johannes Vloothuis's free course on WetCanvas Live.  The Essentials of Painting Waterfalls was presented over 3 consecutive Saturdays, from 1-3:30pm EST.  Each class was presented in a different medium: Oil, Pan Pastel, & Watercolor.  In the Watercolor class he also did a bonus painting in Watercolor & Pan Pastel that was just beautiful.

So now, I have just received my most recent email from WetCanvas announcing more FREE classes coming in March 2012.  I am a big fan of the WetCanvas site and so I feel an obligation to pass on this information for all to see .  .  .

Starting March 6th through March 20th, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-7pm EST you can register for Painting Foundations: Strategies to Improve Your Work with Larry Seiler.  Larry is both a staff member and moderator at WetCanvas not to mention a renowned professional wildlife artist. Larry also teaches Plein Air workshops.  I have made the title of the course a clickable link so you can register easily if you so choose.

Starting March 24th through April 7th, Saturdays from 1-3pm EST you can register for Essentials of Painting Rocks with Johannes Vloothuis.  Jo will again demonstrate his techniques and principles in Oil, Watercolor, & Pastel.  He is an awesome artist and a very enthusiastic instructor.  Watching him paint is an absolute pleasure!

So, there you are.  FREE painting courses to take you all the way into April!  How great is that?!  I hope you take advantage of these great opportunities and most of all HAVE FUN!!

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