Random Sketches

This is just a culmination of sketches that I have drawn over the years.  I hope you like them.


My youngest son Daniel at Age 9
Baby Carter - A gift for my neighbor a few Christmases ago.

Out Buildings
Facial Exercises from Lee Hammond's Big Book of Drawing.
Exercises from a Lee Hammond Book

perspective exercise

Mermaid creation exercise

Portrait sketch with watercolor pencil added.

A Griffin
Underwater Seascape Scene
Practice Page of different things ie. water droplets.


Fall Still Life Scene
Pumpkin Sketch

Morning Glory Vine with watercolor and ink pen.
Fantasy Castle sketch

Drawspace.com Exercise
More from Lee Hammond's Big Book of Drawing.

Sketch of an Ear with Earring 
Practice of perspective and stone work.

Drawspace.com Value Mapping Exercise
Exercise in drawing the eye with different values.

Drawspace.com Exercise in Positive & Negative Space 
A VERY rough sketch of my older son Jacob at Age 22.

Sketch Exercise from one of my drawing books
Surprised Eyes Sketch
Sketch of my youngest son Daniel at Age 9 with reference photo



Portrait of a young girl
Left Eye

Female Eyes

Expressive Sketch
Sketching Hair

Sketching Hair
Male Eyes

Sketching the fingers/hand

Left eye again a little larger photo


Young Woman - Old Masters Sketch

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