My Oily Beginning

My Dabbling with Oils    .  .  .                    wish me luck   .  .  .                I will need it!!

I have purchased a beginner set of Dowler Rowney Oil Paints and I'm off to the races - so to speak, ha ha.  Oils are one medium I have not had the courage to dabble in before now.  I have always primarily used watercolors and sometimes acrylics, but never oils.

Well, the curiosity is about to kill the cat.  I am diving in with both feet and you will all witness either my success or failure with this medium.  These pics to the left are of my first oil painting.  I was watching a watercolor video of a sunset scene and was inspired to give it a try with the oils.

I am still figuring out how to work the oil paints and how to blend them without smearing the colors and ending up with mud.  I was trying to follow an oil painting lesson for my first try but ended up wiping off the canvas 3 times and starting over.   So I gave it a rest.  While watching the watercolor video lesson, as i mentioned above, I started doing it with my oils and was really happy with the result. Since this painting came out fairly good, I left it be after I added the trees so as not to end up with mud again. LOL!!

Feel Free To Let Me Know What You Think Of It  .   .   .      Maria.

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